This web site is to provide contest DXCC and WAZ standings of SD Hams.


The purpose of this South Dakota contest records section is to promote excellence in operating skills and improvement of SD amateur’s stations communications effectiveness thru contest operations. Through this contest record listing for SD it is hoped SD amateurs will be motivated to better these scores and in doing so better their operating skills and improve their amateur stations.

It is common knowledge in the amateur community that propagation from the Northern Great Plains is not the best. This makes it very difficult to place in the national ranking of the TOP TEN boxes in the various contests. This makes it important that we recognize great contest efforts from South Dakota even when they do not make the TOP TEN. One way to do this is to provide a listing of record South Dakota scores for the contests, which this page does.  Corrections or additions to these records should be submitted to W0SD.


This listing is for current countries only and does not reflect any countries that have been deleted.  Please note the ranking is by current countries worked but the official total would be the column confirmed by the ARRL or CQ.  If you want to keep your standing up to date you must submit updates to W0SD.  Something that works well if you have LOTW is to convert your DXCC box using “CUTEPDF” or similiar and send it to me via e-mail as a PDF attachment or you may just be able to paste it into your e-mail.  Minimums for the DXCC listings are  the basic 100  countries for Mixed, Phone, CW and  Digital,  750 band DXCC countries for the DX Challenge and 120 zones for 5BWAZ.  I will also list any WAZ certificates earned and 5BDXCC certificates.. All these will be based on worked country totals with the exception being for the basic DXCC and WAZ listing and 5B DXCC you need the certificates from the ARRL and CQ. I would like the numbers on the WAZ and 5BDXCC certificates.  If you have questions please ask.